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   For  2020 season we are open for cooperation with all diving professionals . Please register here or on our web site  www.fsds-subsea.com . After you register and create your personal account you can leave information about your qualifications, contact details and download resume. Also please indicate in the Calendar the days when you are available for working on our projects. We kindly ask you to indicate trustworthy and updated information. We appreciate if you keep your availability information updated not to miss our job openings.  In case your qualifications, experience and availability meet all our requirements an Invitation to work on a particular project will be sent to you by email and Whatsapp. Invitation will include all relevant information about a project and basic terms of the invitation and employment.

Middle East Opening:

   For a long term project in the Middle East area we especially welcome citizens from India, Sri Lanka, South Africa and the Philippines to register on our website. 

  • Air Diving Supervisor  (IMCA) 
  • Air Diver DMT (IMCA) 
  • Air Diver /3.1U NDT  (IMCA) 
  • Skipper (valid small boat operator’s license)  

You are also welcomed to indicate your payment expectations in the comments section.

Operations manager:
Superintendent IMCA:
HSE diving specialist:
Diving Supervisor IMCA:
Diving Supervisor NON IMCA:
Air diver IMCA:
Air diver NON IMCA:
3.4U Inspector:
Dive system specialist:
Dive system technician:
ROV operator:
Saturation diving supervisor:
Saturation diver:
Saturation diving technician:
Life support technician:
System life support technician:
Terex Fuchs operator with offshore experience:
Other diving industry positions: